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Our mission is to develop a philosophy that is supported by scientific and technical solutions, that will provide an efficient and effective substitute for time-consuming processes of drug development and testing, as a strong ground for personal health treatments.


The next generation muscle simulation – from genotype to phenotype

Developed over 18 years and critically acclaimed in over 60 peer-reviewed journals, our MUSICO Platform consists of multiple submodules for simulating a wide variety of experiments from molecular kinetics to whole organ simulations.

With this set of industry-leading tools (groundbreaking, state-of-the-art) we can help you expedite and reduce the cost and number of experiments for your muscle research, drug discovery, or create better-personalized treatment strategies.

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Our expertise

Multiscale Computational modeling

Designing and conducting experiments (in solution, in motility assays, in muscle fibers, in tissues, X-ray diffraction)

Data analysis

Guidance in Drug development

Developing new strategies for effective treatment of myopathies

Research interest

Multiscale computational modeling of physical systems

Multiscale computational modeling of muscles (cardiac, skeletal, smooth-lung)

In-Silico drug testing

Genetic Disease Assessment and Therapy

Neuromuscular Disease Assessment and Therapy

X-ray diffraction in living cells

Thin/Thick filament regulation by Ca2+

Excitation-contraction coupling


Human cardiac mutations in database


Research partners


Peer-reviewed publications


Years of platform development

Case studies

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