About Us

About FilamenTech

FilamenTech is a biomedical company specializing in software development and experimental analysis in the field of human muscle research, drug discoveries and accurate personalized treatments.


We deliver end-to-end multiscale muscle modeling solutions with data analysis, develop strategies for effective treatment of myopathies, introduce new standards in experimental procedures and offer guidance in designing novel experiments.


We continuously strive towards illuminating the mysteries of molecular universe to better understand muscle dynamic and behavior from protein interactions up to whole organ function.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve treatments of myopathies by building the world’s leading biomedical company focused on creating the best solutions for discovering effective and precise patient specific therapies. Key components of our strategy to achieve this vision include:

Continuous enhancements of our state-of-the-art platform with cutting edge scientific discoveries for gaining in-depth information about the muscle systems

Optimizing drug discovery process

Developing new strategies for effective treatment of myopathies

Our Expertise

Multiscale computational modeling

FilamenTech team has extensive experience in developing quantitative approaches to study biological systems at multiple levels of organization. Our precision based multiscale modeling is tightly coupled with experiments to provide realistic simulations.

Designing and conducting experiments

We collaborate with our research partners in designing novel experiments which are carefully tailored for discovering system features. We also participate in conducting the experiments in solution, motility assays, muscle fibers and tissues, including X-ray diffraction experiments. Our goal is to introduce novel standards in experimental procedures.

Data Analysis

We are trained to synthesize data from the experiments at multiple levels, from single molecular interactions to whole organs and under various experimental conditions. We also design matrices for data translation linking multiple experiments at different time and length scales and between different species.

Guidance in drug development

Using simulations from MUSICO platform we can predict effects of different small molecules on muscle behavior before more complex experiments are conducted, thus eliminating inappropriate compounds in early stage of drug discovery process, and therefore reducing the cost and time of drug development for several folds.

Developing new strategies for effective treatment of myopathies

We gain quantitative insights into disease pathways with our MUSICO simulations which enables us to assess the effects of different treatments and create suitable personalized treatment strategies.