MUSICO platform


Computational platform MUSICO (MUscle SImulation COde) is a software package for multiscale modeling of structure and function of heart and skeletal muscles. This is an international effort of scientists developing computational models and quantitative, analytical tools for muscle research, closely tied with experiments designed to produce data that can be used to test model validity, flexibility, sensitivity and robustness.

With MUSICO we can trace the effects of changes at molecular level, e.g., caused by genetic mutations, across multiple length and time scales to modulated function of cardiac and skeletal muscles associated with myopathies. The goal of MUSICO platform is to facilitate advancement of medical research in heart and skeletal muscle diseases and enable personalized, patient specific, simulations of myopathies useful in drug development, treatments, monitoring progression and prevention of diseases.

Developed over 18 years and critically acclaimed in over 60 peer-reviewed journals, our MUSICO Platform consists of multiple submodules for simulating a wide variety of experiments from molecular kinetics to whole organ simulations.

Simulates the experiments in solution: stopped flow, titration and energy conversion (ATPase).

Includes Ca 2+ regulation in motility assays environment incorporating geometrical factors associated with randomly oriented myosins on cover slips interacting with sliding actin filaments.

Realistic modeling of sarcomere which integrates crossbridge forces into a 3D sarcomere structure and can simulate wide variety of experiments with muscle fiber.

Simulation of X-ray diffraction patterns of contracting muscle during various mechanical protocols.

A multiscale model coupling molecular kinetics and its regulations with local material characters for macroscale continuous mechanics.

With this set of industry-leading tools we can help you expedite and reduce the cost and number of experiments for your muscle research and drug discovery, or create better-personalized treatment strategies.

Green Agenda:

Our code is entirely written in C++ which was proven to be the most energy efficient programing language.

We strive towards reducing animal and human trials during drug development process.

Coupling with genetics data

In collaboration with Seven Bridges Genomics we have built tools for connecting patient specific genetics data with multiscale experiments and MUSICO simulations predicting modulated muscle fiber function in cardiomyopathies.

Coupling with FE solvers

MUSICO platform is coupled with several FE solvers, such as Alya Red, PAK and Mexie via Mijailovich-Prodanovic (MP) surrogate model which enables translating the effects of mutations and drugs from molecular and sarcomere level to muscle tissues and whole organs.